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Our Elementary School at Colegio Menor Quito has an eclectic curriculum based on the best global standards for academic excellence and character development in Ecuador. Through challenging lessons on different topics, our students consider solutions to both local and global problems and develop their critical thinking skills.
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An Overview of Our Curriculum

In Elementary School, our eclectic liberal arts curriculum is based on the best global standards to achieve academic excellence and character development. Our students complement their studies with experience with music, the arts, and sports.

For Social Studies and Science, we follow the International Primary Curriculum, which supports learning through projects.

In Math, we use the US Common Core standards to guide instruction—creating a rich, hands-on learning environment.

In the Language Arts, we follow the US Common Core standards to develop a rich environment for communication through reading, writing, and speaking in both English and Spanish.


English and Spanish

We want all our students to attain a high level of proficiency in English and Spanish, so they can communicate effectively as bilingual learners and do academic work in both languages.

Our Elementary School language program emphasizes reading across varied texts as well as speaking and writing in both languages. During guided reading, read-aloud sessions, and reading discussion groups, our students add to their analytical skills and vocabulary while developing a love for reading. Our students additionally develop their written academic skills on during Writers’ Workshops.



Our Elementary School mathematics program includes number sense, geometry, spatial understanding, recognizing patterns, data collection, and analysis. These areas exploration give our students the foundations, as they work independently and collaboratively on new concepts. They also apply skills and gain a strong understanding of problem-solving. Our students also practice calculating automatically and applying formulas to develop their computational skills.



In our ever-changing world, scientific literacy is a necessity for all. In our Elementary School classrooms, we have discovery centers for research activities to construct and expand our students’ prior knowledge through meaningful experiences. When we teach science, our goal is to create humble, inquisitive, and respectful students.



Our music program in Elementary School gives our students a solid foundation in music theory. We allow our students to discover and enjoy music and its interpretation. We explore several key concepts—harmony, melody, rhythm, form, tempo, and tone—and by the 4th Grade, our students can play a specific instrument. During these new and creative experiences, our students learn discipline, perseverance, and respect.



In the art program of our Elementary School, we believe that the creative process is more important than the final artwork. During the creative process, our students have the most room for growth and development of their skills.

We learn a variety of media and techniques to create original works, and we have many exercises of the imagination, experimentation, and constructive criticism to create a true “studio art” experience.


Physical Education

Our students build upon and perfect their skills through a variety of activities in Elementary School to primarily develop their coordination skills during continuous play. They also learn about the positive aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle.


Technology Integration

In Elementary School, we use a variety of digital tools as part of the learning process. We use online sources, collaborate through Google, complete electronic assignments on Schoology, and make creative projects on an iPad. Our students build a strong sense of digital citizenship and use a variety of multi-platform options to showcase their learning.



To support the creation of positive learning experiences, we offer a counseling program to help our students, parents, and teachers. We have a variety of activities and services: individual and family counseling, dynamic group consultations and counseling, one-on-one student evaluations, and referrals to other community programs and services.


Community Service

At Colegio Menor Quito, we have the strong belief that being a “good neighbor” is the first step to becoming a good citizen. In this spirit, our students listen to local needs and create ways they can help. This enables them to develop a strong collective notion of responsibility for others’ well-being and stay motivated in various community service initiatives that allow them to learn and become connected with the diverse realities around us.


Learning Support

All children develop at different speeds and in different ways. Using diagnostic evaluations and individualized education plans, the specialists of our Learning Support program assist our students who encounter any learning difficulties.

World-class teachers and internationally recognized qualifications

We know every child is unique. Our teachers build up the individual strengths of your child, creating projects that help them achieve globally recognized qualifications so they can discover their own pathway to the world's best colleges.

Academic Excellence
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