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Key Facts
High Achievers 
Our students show their growth in local and external assessments like MAP, Honor Roll, and Advanced Placement exams.
International Pathways
Our Class of 2022 graduates are attending universities in the US, UK, the Netherlands, China, and Spain.
Standing Out
Our students have earned outstanding achievement awards at the national level and top awards at the international level.


Your child will discover the joy of learning in a warm and supportive school community. We champion curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through our liberal arts-based curriculum.
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With a broad academic, artistic, and athletics program, and collaborations with renowned institutions, we create an engaging environment for every student. We strive for excellence in education while nurturing their holistic development. Therefore, we empower students to thrive not only academically but also socially and emotionally by focusing on our strong Character Counts Program.
Krizia Loffredo
Head of School
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At Colegio Menor, we take a personalized approach to your child’s learning that’s intuitive from the curriculum. Our students carve out their own path, guided by the world’s best teachers, and boosted by our education specialists.


Our students learn to master traditional subjects, taught in English, alongside complementary activities inside and outside of the classroom. This balance of giving equal importance between subjects and activities in and beyond the classroom, helps our students define who they are and how they want to stand out.

At Colegio Menor, we’ll bring out your child’s best, so they’ll live up to their fullest potential and make a difference in our world. Our students are always proposing innovative solutions: they make connections and create projects that explore some of the biggest global challenges.

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Our best-in-class academic experiences—that help your child develop a global perspective—are also strengthened by our values and community.
Exceptional learning experiences
At Colegio Menor, our learning experiences stretch beyond the classroom, so your child develops the confidence, teamwork skills, and resilience to make their mark on the world.
Exceptional learning experiences
Our learning experiences go beyond the classroom at Colegio Menor as we take a holistic approach of giving equal value to personal interests as much as academics to develop well-rounded characters. Our transformative programs, collaborations, and lessons inspire our students to become lifelong bilingual learners and nurture their special talents.

As a favorite part of experiences outside the classroom, our students go on a range of local trips to iconic places in our beautiful Ecuador from Grade 5 onwards. We also do international expeditions to the Swiss Alps, Olympic tournaments at the Nord Anglia “Global Games” in Florida, and other study-abroad programs that expand our students' perspectives and expose them to different cultures, people, and ideas. 

We encourage global awareness with social and emotional development. Thanks to Nord Anglia’s learning platform, Global Campus, our students learn together with peers in 32 countries around the world through tailor-made global projects and challenges.
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Academic excellence
Our students strive to do and be their best. As a result, we take great pride in the fact that our Nord Anglia family are accepted into the world’s top universities every year, such as MIT, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and Brown.
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Academic excellence
We instruct all our classes in English, so our students truly master the course material in English. As a result, there’s no gap in preparation for attending university abroad—for example, in the US or Europe. As a bilingual school, our students also achieve high levels of proficiency in Spanish. Being bilingual helps our students perform highly in complex tasks and be more creative or flexible—whether they’re problem-solving or adapting to a different international culture.

From the very start of your child’s learning journey in the Early Years at Colegio Menor, we encourage them to play and discover different activities so that curiosity always guides them. We measure their development of new skills, while reinforcing important concepts. 

This personalized approach—of letting your child lead—continues all the way through to High School, where our students create their own projects and benefit from our Advanced Placement (AP) program. We offer a wide range of challenging AP courses at university level that our students can pick from, in a way that strategically supports their interests and abilities, and best prepares them for applying to the world’s top universities.
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The world's best teachers
Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools, which is why we always invest in the best. Children learn best when they're happy, and our teachers are at the heart of making this is a reality in all our classrooms.
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The world's best teachers
Our teachers have a wealth of experience both locally and overseas, which makes them confident in delivering high-quality, personalized lessons. They all have Qualified Teacher Status, or the equivalent postgraduate degree, and most have at least one master's degree or a PhD. 

Boosted by additional training from Nord Anglia University, our teachers have world-class resources from global experts. We constantly update our teaching methods and tools to offer the highest quality in the world, following Nord Anglia’s research. We’re checked for best practices in academics, quality assurance, accreditation, and safety.

Beyond academics, our teachers are committed to our students’ well-being, as they always teach the “whole child.” Whether it’s in or beyond the classroom, our teachers create a support network for our school community: they’re dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment that encourages personal growth.
Our social purpose 
At Colegio Menor, we build character, kindness, and empathy through universal values and hands-on service projects. Guided by our structure, your child will discover their social purpose – that’s how to make difference in the community around them.
Our social purpose
Through our special “Character Counts” program, we teach universal values at Colegio Menor, present in our everyday actions and experiences. These values prepare our students to face life’s challenges and choices, and we incorporate “Character Counts” into all our experiences.

Additionally, we have an inspiring “Social Impact” program on our Nord Anglia platform, Global Campus, that encourages our students to be change-makers in their community. Global Campus also gives our students the special opportunity to collaborate with their peers around the world from other Nord Anglia schools. Together, they learn about the Global Goals and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and they propose solutions to some of the world's biggest issues through UNICEF Global Challenge. 

Furthermore, Colegio Menor sponsors two national honor society groups, which feature community service. All year long, they serve our inner community and those in need: fundraising campaigns, cleaning beaches, preparing food baskets for the hungry, and initiating green projects, among other things.
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Advanced learning environment  
From our amazing location in Guayaquil, we’re constantly transforming how we teach by investing in the world's best learning technologies and carefully designed architecture. We do this all to unlock your child’s greatest potential.
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Advanced learning environment
We’ll bring your child’s learning to life through world-class technology and beautiful, modern facilities that ignite their imagination and encourage them to bring their best to school every day. We’ve designed all our spaces and our use of technology to immerse our students in experiences fit for the future.

Our wide range of technologies accelerate their learning—whether they’re using our mobile digital labs, sound recording lab, STEAM lab, green recording room, or robotics equipment.
Our open, bright, and smart-designed spaces allow our teachers to nourish a balance of our students’ creativity, critical thinking, and well-being: within these spaces, our students are found playing, socializing, investigating, solving problems, and constructing knowledge rather than just memorizing it.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
When you join our friendly school, you become part of a close-knit, local community of peers, teachers, and parents, as well as Nord Anglia Education’s global family of students, parents, and alumni—opening a wide world of opportunities.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
At Colegio Menor, we have a warm and vibrant school community of engaged students and parents, who care deeply about working together with our teachers and staff to make a fun, exciting experience for all. Our parents are collaborative with each other to volunteer at school activities, presentations, and events as well as out-of-school socials.

Among our students, Colegio Menor’s Student Government (StuGov) hosts community-building events, where they collaborate with their peers to solve problems.

Globally, as part of the Nord Anglia family, our students have an immediate network of other students and alumni all over the world that they can connect with to support their future endeavors. Our Global Campus platform seamlessly connects Nord Anglia students across the world. Additionally, Nord Anglia’s annual “Global Games” and international expeditions create incredible opportunities for our students to befriend others, forging international friendships to last a lifetime.

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