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Our teachers work closely with our High School students at Colegio Menor Samborondón to build on the skills they’ve already mastered and to nurture the development of their character. Unique to Ecuador, we have an AP Program that allows our students to develop and showcase their talents. 

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Our Academic Model

Providing a comprehensive liberal arts education is the founding principle of Colegio Menor Samborondón. We offer the best liberal arts preparation for our High School students, who take outstanding classes like English and Spanish Language Arts, Art, Music, Theater, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, STEAM/Technology and Social Studies (both in English and Spanish), and a wide variety of electives, including those within our AP program.


College and Career Counseling

Colegio Menor Samborondón’s College Counseling Program is designed to help students and their families in their university search and the application process. Selecting a university is one of the most important decisions a High School student can make; therefore, we offer extensive services and guidance to meet their needs.

Our program includes frequent one-to-one, family, and group sessions, which enable students to search the best options for college and scholarships. Our program also includes vocational and standardized testing, career forums, college fairs visits, and guided internship experiences.


Standardized Testing

To ensure our quality of education at international standards, we not only have Cognia accreditation, but also, we examine our students frequently through standardized testing. Using MAP (Language, Reading, Math, Science, and Spanish) and BADYG (Skills), we personalize our teaching practices to each student.


Our Community Service Program

We care for our community and those in need. We have developed a close relationship with a nearby school to help their needs. In our Community Service Program, our High School students plan, fund, and implement a Saturdays School program in which they share their knowledge and skills with the local children. This program includes classes in the Arts, Literature, Sports, Music, and English. 

Each grade in High School, together with the Student Government, also develops a fundraising project throughout the year with the objective of contributing to the development of this partner school. So far, we have launched their Pre-school and a water sanitation system as well as provided education and sports supplies and holiday food boxes.

We are also creating a fair for our “Economics and Civics” class projects to fundraise the costs of building houses in needy communities in the coast.


Our Advanced Placement Program

Our school has been authorized by the US College Board to be an AP School and Testing Center. The AP program is used by high schools across more than 100 countries. It offers more than 30 university-level courses in the areas of science, art and music, mathematics, social studies, languages, and technology.

Our Advanced Placement program gives our students the opportunity to earn college credits while attending high school, and it prepares them well for challenging college coursework.


Student Involvement

Our motto is “our students are the protagonists of their own learning experience.” For this reason, we put considerable efforts into giving students a voice. Our Student Government, elected each year with a democratic process, includes members from all grades, and organizes different activities throughout the year.

Our activities range from fundraising for community service projects, to fun events that raise community pride and enjoyment. Some examples include the delivery of food boxes for needy community members; breakfast for service staff; yearbook design; spirit week; and intramurals (athletic, academic, and artistic competitions between grades during the year).


Academic Trips

We offer trips for the High Schoolers, depending on the electives they choose. We include art and music national or international tours, sports events, and exchange programs.

As part of Nord Anglia Education, we are also able to offer international trips such as community service trips in Switzerland and Tanzania.


Special Classes and Extracurriculars

Our extracurricular program is offered to students from grades 2nd to 12th and it includes a variety of activities. We have many sports programs like soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance, and martial arts. We also have many non-sports activities that change each year according to students’ preferences: art, ceramics, Science Club, robotics, Model of United Nations, and Green Movement, among others.

Globally recognized, prestigious qualifications 

We help your child create pathways to the world's best colleges. Every child is different, so our teachers build up the individual strengths of each child, designing projects under internationally recognized qualifications.

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