Nord Anglia Education
Colegio Menor
29 November, 2023

Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS, a new global education publication

Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS, a new global education publication - INSIGHTS
Leading international schools organisation Nord Anglia Education announced the launch of INSIGHTS, a brand-new publication looking at the biggest issues in global education.

Lord David Puttnam, Chairman, Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board, said: “INSIGHTS features the views of our own teachers alongside opinions from renowned experts from the worlds of neuroscience, academia, wellbeing, and business. In our first issue, we explore whether children can learn how to be happy and – if they can – what it means for them in later life, through to whether memorisation still has its place in a world where everything is just a swipe or click away. And, of course, the pivotal moment facing the teaching profession in how it chooses to use AI.”

Issue 1 of INSIGHTS includes:

‘In Pursuit of Happiness’. INSIGHTS’ cover story looks at whether children can learn how to be happy, and if school days really do need to be their happiest. Contributors include Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge; Professor Lord Richard Layard author of ‘Happiness: Lessons from a New Science’; and educators from Nord Anglia’s schools.
‘The Fourth Education Revolution’. In his guest column Sir Anthony Seldon argues that ‘we need to use AI-powered machines, guided by adult humans, to teach young people to be more fully human’ and that ‘with the benefit of AI, every student will receive high-quality, personalised teaching.’ He also believes AI will ‘help develop all types of intelligence, including creativity, interpersonal relationships and self-knowledge, character, and leadership capabilities.’
‘Life in the Skills Locker’. This article lifts the lid on why ‘soft skills’ like creativity, teamwork and emotional intelligence are the most important human skills young people can develop at school, featuring the views of major employers, Nord Anglia teachers, and IMG Academy’s leading performance expert.
‘Knowledge is Power?’ questions whether memorisation has its place in learning anymore when children can access everything in just a click or swipe. Dr Rebecca Gordon from University College London’s Centre for Educational Neuroscience, says: “Is memorising facts still important even when you can Google and AI it? The simple answer is yes; it is very important and for a number of reasons.”
‘Social Purpose. Real World Value or Virtue Signalling?’ examines whether teaching students ‘about making a difference, actually makes a difference?’ with opinions from teachers, Nord Anglia alumni, and social impact leaders in large corporations.


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