Nord Anglia Education
Colegio Menor
24 June, 2021

Goodness Beauty and Truth at Menor

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Transcendental properties: elements of being that are beyond our physical self, but are part of our shared humanity are often considered to be goodness, beauty and truth. Since the time of the Greek Philosophers some 4,000 years ago, the goal of education was viewed as a way to understand, to make them known through learning, these transcendental items. These three components of being are associated with the human capacities to wish, to feel and to think. They also, in terms of academics, correspond to the teaching of ethics (goodness), instruction in the arts (beauty) and the practice of science (truth. At Colegio Menor,  our core pedagogical approach utilizes the idea of knowing goodness, beauty and truth through observation and communication. We set out to stimulate wonder by fostering creativity, promoting critical thinking and developing problem-solving skills. The focus on logic and argumentation, ethics and values and aesthetics and arts, prepares Menor students to thrive in an ever-changing and complex world. 

Goodness is about our connection and relationship with others. In our complex and interconnected world, we seek to define what it means to be a good friend, contributing member of a community, and a person of character. Menor students enrich the communities they participate in by promoting and demonstrating goodness.

Beauty is about our exposure to a wide variety of experiences that are stimulating, memorable, and thought-provoking. While we continuously learn new things, we develop our personal ideas of beauty and begin to recognize and enjoy beauty in different life moments and in the things around you.

Engagement in learning activities allows students to consider what Truth is, especially important in contemporary society with the proliferation of information and disinformation on the Internet. At Menor, we believe with patience and persistence and exposure to a breadth of ideas and concepts, students will possess experiences and a critical approach to determine whether something is true or not.

Teaching and Learning at Menor are infused with opportunities to construct an understanding of these transcendental aspects of being thereby allowing students to define and construct a unique pathway to leading a meaningful life.