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Colegio Menor provides door-to-door transportation service according to the following schedule:

Please refer to this schedule to anticipate your child’s arrival home. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact Denise Trujillo or María José Ávila at 5000250 ext. 306 and 300, respectively, or write to

We are committed to offer quality service, in which we depend on capable and experienced personnel, vehicles that meet all legal regulations, and technical specifications mandated by the Agencia Nacional de Tránsito and other regulatory agencies, as well as proper mappings of routes and stops.

In order for this service to operate in the safest and most efficient way, we require your assistance for the following:

  • Wait on time at the stops indicated on the confirmation card. The driver is not authorized to honk, ring the doorbell, or call the students by telephone.
  • Turn in the “tarjeta de desembarque” to the school with photos of the person(s) authorized to receive your children. This is mandatory for Preschool and Primary School students. If the authorized person is not present once the route has concluded, the student will return to the school to be picked-up by his/her parent(s).
  • Immediately inform the school of any change of address, authorized persons, or contact information.

Please keep in mind that arrival and departure times may vary throughout the course of the year due to changes in addresses and a possible increase/decrease in the number of students using transportation services. In the event of any changes, parents will be informed in a timely manner.