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Colegio Menor
24 June, 2021

Julian Mora - Little Kickers in Ecuador

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“Since I was a child, I have always longed to have a job linked to sports. Since 2012, I am the Master Franchise of Little Kickers in Ecuador. Little Kickers is the # 1 British franchise in the world according to the Global Franchise Awards 2019. Our program is a combination of education and sports, where children from 18 months onwards begin to discover the excitement that sports can generate in their lives. At Little Kickers, the most important thing is to learn and have fun throughout the process. Our philosophy is based on developing both physical and interpersonal skills while playing without pressure. Gamification is the core of our methodology. Creativity and imagination build the magic in each class. The soccer ball is the instrument we use for the continuous development of children. The same thing that a child learns in London, Toronto, Madrid, or Rio de Janeiro they also learn in Ecuador, and within the 35 countries where Little Kickers franchise is located. Although differences, children have something in common: everyone learns by playing. We are grateful because, since 2012, we have been motivated more than 10,000 children to enjoy sports. The entrepreneur path has not been easy, but when you do things with passion, everything is worth it. ”

Written by Julián Mora, founder of Little Kickers and former student of Colegio Menor.

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