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Key Facts
A class of high achievers
Over half of our graduates have earned Honors with an average grade of at least 93%
International pathways
81% of our students pass their Advanced Placement (AP) exams—scored at the US collegiate level
College acceptances
Our students attend the world’s top universities, including Yale, Princeton, NYU, and Rice University


At Colegio Menor, your child will form their own opinions and character. They’re guided by our universal values of GOODNESS, BEAUTY, and TRUTH in a liberal arts curriculum of many subjects and ideas, where they apply their creativity and critical thinking to make an impact.
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Our priority is and will always be to educate students who stand out not only academically, but also as great human beings.
Cristina Cortez
Head of School
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At Colegio Menor Quito, we take a hands-on approach to learning through activities and projects where your child takes the lead and receives personalized attention from their teachers.

Our liberal arts curriculum is all about the innovative structure provided by our highly talented teachers to study a broad range of ideas and subjects. Your child will connect ideas across the different fields of study and apply their critical thinking skills in any context.

Alongside activities in and out of the classroom, our students learn several subjects, all taught in English. This balance of giving equal importance to learning in and beyond the classroom helps our students define who they are and how they want to contribute to our world.

That’s why our students have unlimited opportunities to discover the beauty in their journey of personal growth. They’re scientists, artists, musicians, writers, and mathematicians ready to make an impact.

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Creativity and critical thinking run deep through every learning experience at Colegio Menor Quito. Our best-in-class resources and personalized approach within the liberal arts mean that your child isn’t just memorizing to excel in one exam—they’re cultivating skills to apply in any context.
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Exceptional learning experiences
At Colegio Menor Quito, we take our skills and interests beyond the classroom. During fun activities and projects designed for the real world, your child develops the confidence, teamwork skills, and resilience to make their mark.
Exceptional learning experiences
We go beyond the classroom at Colegio Menor, as we take a holistic approach towards education. That means we give equal importance to personal interests as much as academics, so your child develops a well-rounded character. Our immersion in English, global awareness, innovative student projects, and extracurricular activities are only some of the exciting experiences that will motivate your child to stay a lifelong learner.

Menor places great emphasis on the arts—specifically music, visual arts, theatre, and performance—where many of our students develop outstanding abilities. Starting from Early Childhood, our students are exposed to a wide variety of creative classes such as art history, song writing, and music classes with specialized teachers. And since we’re supported by world-class resources from our Nord Anglia collaborator, The Julliard School, we know that the arts play an essential role in our students’ social and academic growth. 

Meanwhile, our promising innovators in the STEM fields have fantastic learning experiences through our MIT collaboration. This practical, hands-on program will open your child’s eyes to the possibilities of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. We use our MIT challenges to develop skills for tomorrow.  
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An advanced learning environment
We’re constantly transforming how we teach by investing in the world's best-designed learning spaces, complemented by our premium technologies. We encourage “design thinking” in every aspect and, as a result, our students can’t wait to build their own projects!
An advanced learning environment
Whether it’s within our innovation hubs or our makerspaces, we’ll bring your child’s dreams to life through our world-class technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

With a “do-it-yourself” approach, our students create their own activities and projects, often working collaboratively to develop the teamwork and leadership skills they’ll need in the future. Our facilities are designed with the necessary equipment to actualize their ideas and build their goals. Our science labs, outdoor exercise fields, multifunctional facilities, and a newly inaugurated Performing Arts Center allow our students’ talents to shine.

Our teachers will shape learning experiences around your child’s creativity and critical thinking skills, so that “design thinking” is interlinked from start to end of every project. As a result, our students are always constructing knowledge rather than just memorizing it: they’re exploring ideas and issues, challenging traditional assumptions, and solving complex problems.
Academic Excellence

At Menor, our students can live up to their greatest potential, as we open the doorways they need to make their mark. And with our excellent AP results at or above international results—and our immersion in courses taught in English—our students go on to attend the best universities in the world. 


Academic excellence
Our liberal arts-based education allows our students to doubt, question, experiment, and experience many subjects before they commit to any single career path. Their curiosity is therefore their guiding light, supported by their critical thinking skills and creativity.

From the very start of your child’s learning journey in the Early Years at Menor, we immerse your child in 100% English while encouraging them to play and discover. By the time they’re in High School, our students not only master their course material in English, but they also have the confidence and self-direction to choose the subjects that strategically help develop their own talents, interests, and goals.

This personalized approach—of your child taking the lead—allows your child to especially benefit from our Advanced Placement (AP) program. We offer a wide range of challenging AP courses at university level that our students can pick from, in a way that best prepares them for attending their top-pick college. Some of our students even receive scholarships for their academic excellence and achievements.
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World's best teachers
We invest in the best at Menor because outstanding teachers make an outstanding school. Our talented teachers come with a wealth of experience and will develop a strong relationship with your child.
The world's best teachers
At Menor, your child will have a close relationship with their teachers. Our teachers are very friendly and approachable, as a crucial part of our school’s community and learning environment. They’re always working with your child to make sure they’re happy. As a result of this student-teacher bond, 92% of our parents' comment that their child has a positive relationship with their teachers.

Boosted by Nord Anglia University, our teachers have world-class resources from global experts, and they also undergo regular performance reviews. We constantly update our teaching methods and tools following Nord Anglia’s global research. This ensures that we regularly evaluate and reflect on our teaching practices so we’re confident we’re delivering our absolute best.

In response, our parent community believes their children are taught by high quality teachers and, as a result, 95% firmly believe their children receive a quality education. 
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Our social purpose
At Menor, we explore the role of empathy in our service to the community. Our students connect with others’ needs and help them using their skills and talents. In this way, your child will discover how to make a difference to improve lives around them—and that’s their social purpose.
Our social purpose
Starting in Elementary School, our students are helping to make food baskets for the hungry, building houses, or fundraising to help the medical needs of other children. Our Student Government and other student groups also make large contributions of service to our community. They’ll partake in fundraising campaigns, painting schools, and initiating green projects to improve the conditions of others around them.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
We are all Menor—so when you join our friendly school, you become part of a close-knit community of peers, teachers, and parents. Our alumni community takes great pride in their Menor experiences and make us their top school of choice. 
The Nord Anglia Education family
At Menor, we have a vibrant, connected community, where our students develop lifelong friendships with their peers from their first day of school to graduation—and beyond!  During after-school activities, sports teams, and whole-school social events  our students create great relationships with their peers and take pride in being together at school. They learn to include everyone and stay active in the community.

As part of the Nord Anglia family, our students even connect with other students and alumni around the world through our Global Campus platform. Global Campus increases our students’ international awareness and provides an unparalleled learning network of over 70,000 peers — to meet and collaborate on challenges common to all continents of the world.

Our parent community has a trusting and caring relationship with our school as we keep them involved in their children’s academic progress and school updates. Our Room Parents especially help to keep the community connected, as they organize events, classroom integration, and activities inside and outside of school.

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We offer a highly personalized admissions process and are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Contact us to start your child's journey with us.
  • Book a campus tour or schedule a virtual meeting.
  • Prepare your child’s evaluations.
  • Submit an application and prepare for a family interview.
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Every year, our students achieve top exam results and go on to attend the world's top universities thanks to our outstanding teachers guiding our students through our world-class liberal arts curriculum.

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